Moving on

My life has changed so much, that I have barely had any time to think of my blog. This August it has been three years since I came to Germany in 2015. Many various things happened to me here and my opinion about living abroad changed many times back and forth.

Today I just want to be thankful for the opportunity to stay abroad, to experience a new life in Tübingen for the whole three years. It is time for me to move away from this place. In the very beginning I hated this small town, but gradually learnt how to like it. I cannot say I am in love with it at present, but I definitely do not hate my life here anymore.

Finding friends and getting a job is without doubt the biggest help for a newcomer to get alone with the different environment. I am not leaving Europe, I am moving to a much bigger city now. I feel that it will be easier for me to go through all the changes and adjustments again, since it will be my second time. I am sad I am leaving my friends in Germany, I am scared of the fact that I have to start it all over again. Where can I meet new people? Will I find friends? Will I do all right at the language school? I surely hope so, and I am not eager to be back to square one.

My life has changed and I have more responsibilities now. I have no choice, but to go on with all the difficulties that relocation to a new country brings. Wish me luck. I am going to miss you, Tübingen! I could never think of saying such a sentence three years ago. Time is an amazing thing.

7 advantages of being a big city girl

There is a saying ‘you can take a girl out of a village, but you cannot take a village out of a girl’. I say you cannot take a city out of a girl either. There are many online articles that praise benefits of living in a small town. Some of the advantages are fresh air, low crime level, lower cost of living, less traffic jam, and friendly community.  My question is: is that true for every town? I can tell you for sure, unfortunately not. It happened to me that for about a year I have been living in a small (from my perspective) German town of about 88,000 inhabitants where the neighbours are not so friendly, drivers are angry, and crimes still appear.

I miss big city life.  I find there are certain advantages of living in almost any big city. Let me share them with you:

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Моя Захаровка (Казахстан)



Село Захаровка. Казахстан, Павлодарская обл., Железинский район

В интернете не так много сведений о с. Захаровка, которое расположено в Павлодарской обл., Железинского р-на в Казахстане. Оно и не удивительно, ведь это – совсем небольшое село, в котором, казалось бы, нет ничего примечательного. Но, случилось так, что для меня лично это село является не обычной, а очень даже важной точкой на карте. В этом селе в 1951 году родилась моя мама. В это село я почти каждое лето приезжала ребенком. С этим местом связаны мои лучшие воспоминания детства.

Воспоминания о жарком лете, солнце, степи и доме.

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Some notes on tea culture. China vs Russia vs Germany.


Being Russian, staying in Germany and having relatives in China I have noticed that there is a huge difference between those countries when it comes to tea culture.

Russian and Chinese tea culture is definitely bigger than German one.

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Vogel des Jahres and blog update

Hello everyone!

I took an incredibly long break from writing on my blog due to some personal reasons. Finally I am back with some news. This blog will take a slightly new direction.

I would like to explore more of the world of travelling and learning new languages.

Additionally, blog posts will be a bit more personal, which means I will share more of the things I see around me in Germany every day.

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Today I have learnt something new about Germany. Apparently there is a special and very unusual award given in Germany every year. It is called Vogel des Jahres (Bird of the Year). Tübingen (town where I currently stay in Germany) is famous not only for its University, but also for its beautiful nature. Luckily, it is easy to see many birds around here. The sounds of the local birds wake me up before my alarm clock goes on from time to time. The award Bird of the Year is given since 1971.

You can easily notice how Germans love birds (in Baden-Württemberg at least). In a local Müller store there is a big choice of Vogelfütter and even a CD of bird sounds 63 minutes long. Vogelkonzert am Waldbach. 🙂 Germans love to connect with the nature indeed.

Bis bald!

7 lessons that living abroad has taught me

#1 My own country is not that bad

I wonder who came up with the idea that things abroad are better. Back at home, I always hear funny things like: ‘European chocolate is healthier’, ‘Everyone is very polite in Europe’, ‘Streets are cleaner in Europe’, and so on. No, no, and no.

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