Bakeries in Germany and more


Berliner, Apfelstrudel, Bretzel … Those are the famous, but the simplest tasty things you can get at a bakery in Germany. German bakeries are the paradise for those who love bread and sweets. Bakeries in Germany open extremely early and you have better chances to get something delicious in the morning. Sometimes, when I pass a bakery at 5-6 pm there is barely anything left. Keep in mind that all the shops close quite early in Germany, so try to make your purchases before it is too late. Once I was in Kaufland (a German supermarket) on Saturday and was surprised to see tons of people there, not to mention empty shelves. It took me some minutes to realise that tomorrow (on Sunday), nothing was going to be open. People say that small shops at gas stations are still open on Sundays and you can find a supermarket that works on Sundays at the railway station. The city I visited had no supermarket at the railway station that worked on Sundays. I had to make sure I got everything in advance.

Germans love their bakeries and love to go there to get something for breakfast. It seems to me, that Germans aware of what they can get at a bakery extremely well. Once I enter a bakery I immediately hear ‘Hallo’ from shop assistants and feel them looking at me waiting for my order. I do need some minutes to look around, to see what they have, to make my mind. On the other hand, Germans are quick. They don’t spend much time looking around at a bakery. They already know what is there.

I always feel awkward and uncomfortable for making a shop assistant waiting for me. I end up buying something without having a chance to look at the whole variety of products they have. Silly me, I know.

I personally find that Berliner is too sweet with all that jam in it, while Bretzel can be quite salty and hard, so you might want to have it with a some butter as many people in Germany do.

Bakeries are also a place to get a cake, a cup of coffee or tea. Bakeries are a place to chat with your friends. Bakeries are a place to get a snack before catching a train (a bus, a plane). Bakeries are a place for people like me to enter and take pictures of the grand variety of pastries. Bakeries are a part of life in Germany.

If someone asked me what was mine favorite type of bread from a German bakery, I would say Dampfnudeln. Those bread rolls are delicious! They also come in different variety and can be eaten any time a day.

Last but not least, all the bread you buy at a bakery comes in a small paper bag. That will allow you to preserve some of your portion for later or bring it with you wherever you go. Don’t hesitate to try German pastries!


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