Chicken feet, anyone?


Have you ever heard of balut? A delicacy from the Philippines? I have never heard of that dish before my trip to Manila. I saw my friends eating a juicy balut and enjoying it. At that moment I was not ready to try such an exotic food. Unlike some people I was not afraid that my stomach would not like it, I simply found it weird. I did not see the point of trying anything that looked … hmm … how shall I put it … not so appealing?

Time passed and somehow I changed my preferences. I read a funny short story in my English book called One man’s meat is another man’s poison. That story inspired me not to be stick to the same food all my life. Life is too short! You will never know if you like balut or not unless you eat it yourself.

Last winter I was in China. That was not my first trip to China and I heard of many bizarre Chinese dishes, but I have never really tried any of them. I also heard that chicken feet contain collagen, that is good for your skin. I do want my skin to look younger (who does not?). I was excited to try them.

In the picture above you can see some chicken meat and chicken feet (I am sorry if you are a vegetarian). I have to say chicken feet feel gross. I ate cold ones and I could feel their slippery surface. I did close my eyes while eating them. I could not see those feet and nails… I was not sure what to expect. Surprisingly, I loved them! If I do not see them, I can eat them just fine! Chicken feet are tasty! There is not so much of meat on them, you shall kind of suck the feet to get the taste of all the spices they have been marinated in. One small tip: when in China, do not get those small plastic bags of chicken feet (look like bags of chips) you can find in a supermarket. Chinese believe their quality  is not so good (as happen with the fast food in general). If you have any Chinese friends, ask them where to get some good quality meat or simply order it in a restaurant.

Why not to explore the wonderful land of exotic food to bring more fun into your life?!

P.S. More food stories will be coming.

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