Free furniture in Germany?


My friends told me that in Germany you could get second-hand furniture and some other household goods for FREE. Sounds great, does not it?! Well, unfortunately, that is not true (anymore) in the part of Germany we reside. In the past, you could go around the city and look for old goods that people put outside of their houses for someone to pick up. It was a convenient way to save the money and get everything you need when starting your new life in Germany.

We hoped we could get some furniture for free. The apartment we moved in had no furniture. We have never seen any household goods people left outside in the city we live. I only noticed some boxes with books and toys left on a street (which I checked carefully hehe).
We searched online and found out that on social networking websites one can join groups like Flohmarkt where you are (supposedly) can get some household products for free. However, we were disappointed to find out that no one really gives free second-hand goods away. On the other hand, it seems that people in Germany love to sell their old goods. You can find many products out there! Why did not we buy any? Well… Is it really worth the money to get a no brand second-hand microwave for EUR 50 while you can find a new brand one for EUR 60 online? Do I really need a bunch of half-full jars of face/body cream? Do I want to pay EUR 8 for something so unhygienic? Not me. Do I need a second-hand dress for the price of a new one? No, I do not. The city we live in is rather small. I do not want people to know where I got my dress, for what price, and who was wearing it before me. Saving 2-3 euro for going through such inconveniences is not something I opt for.
What about the furniture? Actually, sometimes one can see people post about free second-hand wardrobes, beds or tables you can pick up from their places for free. We would like to go for such an option, but, unfortunately, we do not have a car. In order to pick up a wardrobe one needs a vehicle to transfer it, not to mention time and troubles of moving a wardrobe downstairs/upstairs. Renting a car is not that cheap. Eventually, it is easier to save yourself from stress and buy a new wardrobe that can be delivered directly to your apartment.
Hunting for free goods is not a bad, but it is not necessarily a worth thing to do. Sometimes it is better to add 10 euro to the price while saving yourself from any additional stress in your life.


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