Food and drinks in Germany. Personal experience.



Germany is a paradise for beer lovers! If you can tell the difference between Pilsner and Kölsch, Germany is the best place on the earth for you! I can tell that light and dark beer do not taste the same, and I know there are several brewing methods. That is, pretty much, all I know about beer. I also know that it is bad for the figure. That is enough for me not get too excited about beer in Germany. I probably miss out on all the fun.

Mezzo Mix


A soda drink, you can see almost everywhere in Germany. Coke mixed with orange Fanta. If your country does not have it, why not to get some while in Germany? The combination is not bad, if you like fizzy drinks.



Nothing can be more romantic in Germany than to have some Glühwein with your significant other on a cold winter day at the Weihnachtsmarkt. This beverage will keep you warm and will spirit you up. Mulling spices give red wine a pleasant flavor. You can easily make this drink at home or get a bottle from a supermarket.

Germany is famous for its cuisine. Do not hesitate to try local delicacies when travelling to different parts of the country.

are famous in Swabia. They are similar to ravioli and have various fillings (both meat-based and vegetarian ones). I ate them as a soup in a fancy restaurant and bought a pack of them in a supermarket to fry in a pan. Personally, I found the taste of lamb Maultaschen too strong. I could not finish my portion in the restaurant, because the flavor was disgusting to me. As for the vegetarian Maultaschen, the ones I fried in a pan at home, I was not impressed either. My stomach did not like the combination of herbs and spices. Nevertheless, I totally recommend trying them when you are in Swabia! One man’s poison is another man’s meat.

Döner kebab


Due to the huge Turkish population in Germany, the country is now famous for this Turkish dish. You can find Turkish fast-food restaurants easily. There are many varieties of Döner kebab and all of them are delicious. This is a perfect dish to get if you crave for some fast food or want to see what street food in Germany is like.



I have never heard of this fruit in my life before I came to Germany. I saw it in a supermarket and later learned that it is common in southwest Asia and some other southeastern European countries. I did not have a chance to try one yet, and I am looking forward to getting some soon. Look for something new for you when you are in a supermarket in Germany! There is plenty of choice.

Würchwitzer Milbenkäse

is a type of cheese. I will not dare to try it. The basic ingredient of Milbenkäse is Quark. Quark is a delectable dairy product, but I cannot tolerate the idea of using cheese mites in the production of Milbenkäse. You can find more information about this delicacy online and see if you want to have a slice.



Potato is a popular ingredient in many German dishes. You can have Kartoffelsalat, Pommes frites, Kartoffelpüree etc. Potato is a side dish and a street food. Kloßteig, Thüringer Klöße and Kartoffelkloß are some more German traditional potato dishes. I had no idea Kloßteig was a mix of pre-cooked and raw potatoes. My stomach hurt badly after I had it, even though the dish was completely cooked. The taste of raw potato was quite strong and I did not enjoy the sticky texture of the dish at all. Once again, you may have an opposite experience! You will never know until you try.




is another type of street food in Germany. World famous German sausages with curry ketchup and curry powder. Delicious!



Ice cream, cakes, Brötchen, chocolate… Sugar is everywhere in Germany! If you have a sweet tooth, you will not be disappointed. Milka, Ritter Sport and Lindt are the chocolate brands you see on every corner. If you travel with children, bring them to the Ritter Sport Museum in Waldenbuch. Over there, you can get Ritter Sport chocolate bars you will never find in a supermarket, and learn more about how chocolate is made. Have you even heard of Spaghetti-Eis or Lasagne-Eis? Do you want to try Black Forest Cake or traditional Lebkuchen? Do you love sweet pies? Germany is just the place for you!






I left many other German dishes out, because it is impossible for me to talk about all of them in one post. German cuisine has a broad range of dishes. I will expand on this topic more in the future posts.

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