Things I like about Germany

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Beautiful nature

The area I live in is famous for its hills. I have a magnificent view from my balcony and do not want to exchange it for anything else. The local botanical garden offers a great range of flowers and trees. In many big German cities you can find splendid parks! German landscapes vary from one region to another. Traveling across the country is fun, especially for those who are in love with mountains.


Recommendation brochures

In a Bürgeramt you can see many brochures for newcomers, including some telling you how to  save the electricity and to be more environmentally friendly. Information about recycling is available at working places and dorms. There are even notes about how to use a washing machine/clothes dryer properly (in our building we have a communal laundry room). I believe having an easy access to such pieces of information can be useful.


All types of bread

German bakeries offer you many types of bread and cakes. It is pleasant to know, that every day you can try something new. In addition, the same kind of Käsebrot or Quarktasche taste different in each bakery.


Free stuff

Personally, I have not found anything useful for myself. At the same time, I like to have a look at books and souvenirs people like to give away here. Another day, I saw a vacuum cleaner on a street.:) Free stuff is not shabby and functions well. I do not mind having an option to get something without paying:)

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Here, in Germany, you see a sign in Chinese at a post office, go to an Arabic store, hear a shop assistance speaking Russian to a customer. All this can happen within the distance of 1 km (0.6 miles). You meet immigrants from everywhere. You can learn about many other cultures while staying in a small German town. This is the reality, so why not to take an advantage of it?!



Seeing new things that do not exist in my home country

For instance, IKEA catalog looks a bit different from the one in my homeland. There are items that help you to recycle and sort the trash the right way.

Supermarkets offer products of the brands I have never heard of. Seeing something new is always exciting. This is probably my favorite part about living abroad.


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