Big cities vs. small cities

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Moving from a city with the population of about 5 million people to a city with the population of 86 thousand is quite a challenge. At the beginning, you enjoy the slow pace of life in a small city. You feel safer on the streets. You see fewer cars and people. You feel relaxed. However, later you notice that life in a small town is monotonous. Your options are extremely limited, especially if you do not have a car to get to a bigger city nearby. Not only your choices of entertainments during the weekends are limited. Your job options are limited. In the best scenario, as an expat with, let’s say, A2 German language level, you will be able to find an international company to work for (if the small city you live in has any international companies and they are looking for someone with your degree). You are lucky, if you can afford studying the language without simultaneously looking for a job. In this case, after you are done with the language school and have B2-C1 level, more job options will be open for you (more, but not as many as in a big city).

Somehow, the city I live in is so small, that I see the same people on the streets all the time. When I go to see a doctor, go shopping or take a stroll, the next day I am told that my husband’s colleagues saw me here and there, doing this or that. It seemed to be funny to me, but then I felt a bit sad. I want my privacy back. I do not want everyone to know what I buy for dinner and which doctor I visit.

Obviously, life in a small city has its advantages. Air is cleaner, life is safer, and there are more trees on the streets. On the other hand, I miss the turmoil of the big city. You feel more alive there, more energetic. I believe I am not that old yet to live in a small city where you have to entertain yourself at home.

I remember, when I was little, I always enjoyed my summer holidays in the village with my grandparents. I also remember, that after one month of staying there I wanted to go home. The same is happening to me now.

So, what are the advantages I noticed after staying in a small city for almost 2 months?

1) Beautiful nature

2) Fresh air

3) No traffic jam

4) Quiet neighborhood

What are the disadvantages in comparison with the big city?

1) No supermarkets close by. Limited choice of food products at the supermarkets

2) No big shopping malls

3) Bus is the only public transport available

4) Entertainment options are limited (forget about such things as oceanarium or amusement park). There are fewer restaurants

5) Limited job options

6) Limited number of parks and walking trails (in comparison to my hometown, at least)

7) Living close to the forest has its disadvantages. There are more spiders and insects. I am not a fan of them. I am not used to see them around the house and I wish never see them in MY house. lol Unfortunately, it can’t be helped.

Well, as for me, I need only a single word to describe life in a small city: limited. I do not know how long will it take me to adjust to life here. Will I love this small city one day? Maybe not, but I hope I can at least say: “Ich mag diese Stadt”.


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