Michelin 1 Star Restaurant in Germany

Thanks to my beloved husband, this week we could celebrate a special event in a wonderful restaurant. According to Wikipedia, Michelin 1 Star means ”A very good restaurant in its category’ (“Une très bonne table dans sa catégorie”)’. We chose a very cozy restaurant where a sommelier/restaurant owner greets you by the entrance and makes you feel at home.

Needless to say, I have never been to a Michelin restaurant before. I was not sure what to expect and I did not know which dishes we were going to try.

We preferred to have a ‘Surprise Menu’, which is a 5 Gang Menü chosen by chef. We also had Weinprobe klein that  included small portions of 6 different types of wine (German, French and Italian). Let me share some pictures with you, so you can see what to expect when you go to a Michelin 1 Star Restaurant in Germany:

Photo 13-10-15 19 17 50

Our amuse-bouche. Pumpkin soup with olive oil and spices. The texture of the soup was very tender with pleasant vegetable aroma.

Photo 13-10-15 19 25 00

During the evening we were repeatedly served with some bread, butter and sea salt. The butter in the picture above comes from France and goes well with French baguette and a pinch of salt.

Photo 13-10-15 19 33 20

Photo 13-10-15 19 33 31

As an appetizer I got quail meat and my husband got beautifully served scallops (Jakobsmuscheln). We were asked about the allergy/food preferences in the begging of our dinner. I expressed my dislike of particular sea food.

Photo 13-10-15 20 03 21

St. Leonhards Quelle (still water) was served in nice blue glasses and we could watch the chef preparing the food in the kitchen.

Photo 13-10-15 21 00 24

Photo 13-10-15 20 48 13

Dim light created a romantic homelike atmosphere. Our table was separated from the others (we booked it in advance). We enjoyed some privacy and were not disturbed by other customers, whom we could hear, but could not see.

Photo 13-10-15 20 17 20

As a fish course we had Tranche vom Zander with some Rote Bete, Spitzkohl, Crème de Bresse and Caviar. Zander was super tender with no bones and very light taste.

Photo 13-10-15 20 40 01

Iberico Bäckchen with Süßkartoffeln, Kokos and Liebstöckel was our entrée. Once again, the meat was extremely soft and was complimented well with the wine we had.

Photo 13-10-15 21 14 58

The highlight of the evening for me was the dish in the picture above. Hirschkalbsrücken with Pumpernickel, Preiselbeeren, Pinienkerne and Sellerie. I have never eaten venison before and the way the meat was cooked was amazing.

Photo 13-10-15 21 47 13

After spending more than two hours in the restaurant we were ready for a dessert. The dessert actually included predessert (in the picture above) and the following sweets:

Photo 13-10-15 21 54 11

Photo 13-10-15 22 08 46 (1)

Matcha Tee Kuchen, Zitrusfrüchte, Ivoire Schokolade and Milchreis.

We were quite full and declined a cup of coffee. Dessert was very light and included many different ingredients. It was a perfect ending of a magnificent evening.

Going to restaurants like this one certainly broadens your horizons. We learned some new interesting facts about wine and the local specialties. There are enough Michelin Restaurants in Germany. Give it a try. 🙂


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