Mannheim is one of the largest cities in Baden-Württemberg, the city of many significant inventions.  Unfortunately, I could only spent a day there in 2013. I do not have many pictures to share; howbeit, I would like to talk a bit about this city:

Mannheim (25)

Mannheim (31)

If you look at the city from above, you can see that its streets are laid out in a grid formation. There are no actual names of the streets in the city center. Probably, it can frustrate tourists,cannot it?! The symbols P6, Q3 refer to the blocks. This ‘chessboard’ layout makes the city quite unique.

Mannheim (23)

Der Mannheimer Wasserturm

is a famous landmark. This is a pleasant spot to go for a walk even in the wintertime.

Mannheim (11)

Mannheim (16)

Mannheim (21)

Mannheim (13)

The Wasserturm Garden is a must-see location in Mannheim.

Mannheim1 (10)

Das Schloss Mannheim

serves now as the University building.

Mannheim1 (11)

Mannheim1 (2)

St. Sebastian

is another attractive building in Mannheim. St Sebastian Parish Church along with the Old City Hall are considered to be the oldest buildings in Mannheim.

Mannheim (33)

On the streets of Mannheim

Mannheim1 (24)

Mannheim is a friendly city to tourists. It has its significant sights and it is  worth to visit when you are in Germany.

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