What to watch

I do not have a TV-set, but nowadays one can find almost everything to watch online. As far as I am concerned, most of the German TV channels are available on the Internet. That’s why, so it seems, everyone is forced to pay TV license fee in Germany (one per household).

The other day, our German teacher said that the majority of Germans love to watch two TV-shows.Both of them are long-running shows. The first one is called “Wetten, dass..?”. It is an entertaining show that has counterparts in the US and the UK. The show was broadcast for the first time back in 1981. Time does the magical work. “Wetten, dass..?” is admired by several generations of Germans.

The second show is a German TV-series. “Tatort” is a must-see TV-show in Germany. Episodes vary widely and present diverse police stories. Crimes take place all over the country and different police teams take care of solving them. Surprisingly, there are people who watch “Tatort” in bars. A friend of mine saw an amorous teenagers that were kissing at a bar, but stopped all their PDA sharply as soon as the “Tatort” began. They paid no attention to each other anymore, but to the TV screen.

“Dinner for One” is an old comedy sketch that many Germans have watched hundreds of times, yet find it funny. I was told this sketch is shown mainly during the Christmas time, hence many Germans associate it with agreeable childhood memories.

“Kommissar Rex” is originally an Austrian TV-show. The show was (and still is) popular abroad as well. I have not watched the latest episodes, but the early ones were humorous and showed the sightseeings of Vienna. Most of the Germans heard of this show and fell in love with the police dog that is actually one of the main characters.

There are plenty of German TV-shows to choose from. Nevertheless, some of the old ones are still the best (as the time shows).

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