Other things are just food. But chocolate is chocolate (by Patrick Skene Catling)

If you have a sweet tooth and you are in Germany, Ritter Sport Chocolate Museum will be the right place for you to visit.

I have visited one in Waldenbuch, Baden-Württemberg. Some of the pictures I took there last year are not that clear due to my old camera phone. Despite that fact, I would like to share them here. I believe for true chocolate lovers pictures that a bit out of focus will not be a problem to like this small chocolate paradise. 🙂



If you come to visit the museum on a working day, you can smell the chocolate aroma in the air once you get off the bus/get out of the car. Admission to the museum is free of charge. The museum building looks modest from the outside and the only decorations you can see are the famous colorful Ritter Sport squares.


The first item you can see inside the museum is the cacao tree. You can find profound information about the cacao beans Ritter Sport uses for its chocolate along with the samples of the various nuts .


Photo 19-11-15 10 55 43



The museum is attractive to children, because you can touch and even smell many items.

The Ritter Sport Company was initially founded by  newlyweds Clara and Alfred E. Ritter (what a prosperous family business!). You can find plenty of information  about the early years of Ritter Sport production as well as find out how the Ritter Sport chocolate got a square shape.

Here are the pictures that show some of the old days of Ritter Sport:






In one of the rooms you can listen to the audio about the production of Ritter Sport chocolate. What makes it more fascinating is the thought that the actual production takes place just some steps away from the museum. Not only can you see the factory, but to know more about what is going on inside of it.


One of the funniest part of the chocolate exhibition is that model of the Ritter Sport factory:

Photo 19-11-15 11 04 49

By pressing a special button, you can make the whole model shaking. That movement means the chocolate is being made. For you! After some seconds a toy truck appears from the building carrying a chocolate bar.

Here it is:

Photo 19-11-15 11 05 03

Photo 19-11-15 11 05 10

Photo 19-11-15 11 05 12

The truck delivers chocolate to you. Well done! So much more fun in comparison to the vending machine. 🙂

Photo 19-11-15 11 05 19

Photo 19-11-15 11 19 10

More chocolate bars from the past:

Photo 19-11-15 11 18 46

Photo 19-11-15 11 20 24

At last, there is the Ritter Sport chocolate store. Here you can find tons of chocolates along with some souvenirs:


“Chocolate” sticky notes


More than a kilogram of chocolate in one box! Is not that crazy?!


More options to choose from

Keep in mind, that the museum is relatively small. It is better to come there on a working day to avoid the hustle and bustle (=loud children and crazy shoppers).


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