Easy chicken pasta

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I was not able to write something new about my life in Germany this week due to my slight illness. The good news is, I have another easy and tasty recipe to share! (I meant to publish it for ages). 🙂


Pasta (any type you like) – 200g

Chicken filet – 400 g

Onions – 2

Carrots – 1-2 (big ones)

Salt, pepper

How to cook:

    1) Boil pasta in boiling salted water
    2) Put aside
    3) Cut chicken filet into cubes
    4) Fry the cubes with some salt and pepper until they are ready
    5) Mince onions finely
    6) Grind carrots
    7) Fry the mixture of minced onions and carrots
    8) Mix all the ingredients together. Heat them up one more time

The dish is ready!

Guten Appetit!





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