Vater und Sohn

Vater und Sohn is a book by a German author Erich Ohser. A famous comic book I have never heard of before I moved to Germany.

One day at a language school in Germany we got some new homework. We were given the following piece of paper:

Photo 19-01-16 14 48 51

The task was to write a story based on the pictures, using some grammar constructions we have recently learned. None of the students recognized the pictures, except for a student from Iran. Later I found out that Vater und Sohn are well-known  in China too.

For example, I found more than plenty Vater und Sohn books in Beijing Book Building

2016-02-05 134929

2016-02-05 135402

2016-02-05 135407

The wordless cartoon is old, nonetheless is still very up-to-date. This comic book is something that can help you to learn more about German humor without reading/speaking German. I believe it is always useful to be familiar with the literature of a country you are interested in/live in/move in, etc.

Vater und Sohn is one of the best choices one can make when it comes to choosing a book for a whole family to read. Plus, one can practice his/her German by repeating the homework we got. 🙂

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