Have you ever heard of the exotic fruit called durian?

I have had my once-in-a-lifetime experience in China this year. I ate durian. I had it despite the disgusting smell and the strange texture. Some say that durian has the smell of hell, but the taste of heaven.

As you know, taste is a funny thing. Some complain the dish is salty, others want to add more salt. A piece of a chocolate cake is too sweet for someone to finish, others can eat three pieces without regrets.

Well, the taste of durian is definitely something I did not understand.

First time, I got the idea of what durian was like when tried some hard durian candies. A shop assistant in an Asian store abroad told me that she, personally, did not like the flavor of the candies. ‘Let me try’ I thought.
The candies had an unusual taste. Hmm… ‘I would not mind trying the real fruit’.

The whole durian is sold in supermarkets in China. I noticed it during my trip to Beijing. As I came closer to the fruit, I felt its smell. My mother described it as ‘nauseous’. She told me I was weird, because I did not have the same opinion. What’s more, I wanted to eat it.
Controversially, my mother-in-law likes durian.

2016-02-06 174111

That day, I did not buy anything. I was not ready to get such a huge (and expensive) fruit that looked like a bomb.

Later, I came to a cafe that served different desserts, including small cakes with durian. My husband and I decided to give it a try. Unfortunately, we made the wrong choice.

Photo 15-02-16 09 33 15

That’s how the mini durian cakes looked like from the outside

Once we chewed a tiny piece of those cakes with whipped cream and durian paste inside, we were disgusted. The combination of ingredients was extremely bad. My husband could not take another bite out of it. Me neither! We left our dessert on the plate. We did not want any more cakes that day.

My mother-in-law could not believe how horrible we felt about durian. The next day, she bought us a fresh one, suggesting to have it as a snack.

Photo 16-02-16 06 13 51

Here it is with the seed! (Cannot tell you which species it is,though)

‘Mmm… Not bad!’ My husband said. ‘Very tasty!’ repeated my parents-in-law. Really? I was chewing carefully. I did not feel the taste of durian at all! What a strange fruit! Eventually, I felt a stinky odor in my stomach. I could not help, but grimaced. ‘This is once-in-a-lifetime experience‘ noticed my father-in-law. ‘Indeed’ I agreed, trying to assure myself that soon the durian flavor will be gone forever. ‘I am glad I tried it’ I managed to squeeze the words out of myself.


4 thoughts on “Durian

  1. You have to think about when was the first person who thought, “Wow, this smells like death. I think I’LL EAT IT.” And then people just continue doing it for the rest of history.

    I don’t think I’ve had durian, but I remember seeing them in the basements of those loud, chaotic supermarkets in China!


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