Pizza dough. Thin crust

Photo 27-02-16 19 34 16


Milk 200 ml

Flour 350 g

Olive oil 2 tbsp.

Dried yeast 7-9 g

Salt ½ tsp.

Sugar 2 tsp.

How to make

  • Dissolve sugar and yeast in warm milk. Set aside for 10 min

Photo 27-02-16 17 26 11

  • Add salt and flour to the liquid mixture. Add olive oil

Photo 27-02-16 17 43 03

  • Stir well for about 5 min until the dough is soft

Photo 27-02-16 17 58 11


  • Brush some olive oil on the bottom of a bowl, so the dough will not stick to it. Cover the bowl with some plastic wrap. Keep it warm for about 30 min (let it rise)
  • The dough is enough for one big pizza or two middle-sized ones

P.S. Make sure the milk is warm, but not hot. Hot milk can kill the yeast


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