International Women’s Day

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Today a Google Doodle reminded everyone about International Women’s Day. Facebook sent me a short notification too. Thanks to Google and Facebook we do not forget of the existence of this holiday (sarcasm).

My friends from the US, Serbia, and Russia congratulated me today. My friends from China, Japan, and Germany hardly remembered about the holiday. March 8 is an ordinary working day in Germany. My female friend from Serbia complained to me that her German husband did not give her flowers on this special day. What’s more he could not understand why did she call her female relatives back home to give regards. A Polish acquaintance of mine got upset with the men in the US not treating her nicely on the Women’s day. To many that sounds quite silly. Very often, young people do not care about this holiday either. In many countries International Women’s Day lost the political meaning and simply became a day for showing your appreciation and love to women. Flowers and boxes of chocolates are typical gifts for this occasion. Isn’t it nice to be treated specially by your husband/boyfriend/male friend/male colleague? At least once a year.

At the same time, many women are still struggling for the gender equality.

International Women’s Day theme for 2016 is  ‘Planet 50-50 by 2030: Step It Up for Gender Equality’. Even though the glass ceiling exists worldwide, the problem of gender equality does not seem to be that serious in Germany.

According to our German teacher, nowadays there is no such a job that both women and men do not do. As for me, I do believe that still only men work as miners…

I have never felt treated unfair because I am a woman. For me gender inequality is a distant issue. I do hope that women who feel treated worse than men in their motherlands can find the justice in the society. I also hope the society all over the world can find the balance on this problem.

I have been told the following true story:

During the USSR time a teacher from Moscow visited a conference in Spain. She was invited there to give a speech on the possible cooperation between the universities. The Russian woman spoke Spanish and was introduced to a Spanish women’s rights activist. The activist mentioned to her:

‘We are striving for women’s right to work more hours at factories.’

The Russian lady replied: ‘And we are trying to decrease the number of those hours.’

Seriously, do we need to apply the definition of gender equality to everything? Do we really need women working as construction workers and men as pedicure masters?

Why do not we just treat everyone with the same respect?! 🙂

To sum it up, I hope that International Women’s Day will be a reminder for men to treat ladies with respect, appreciate their hard work, and be true gentlemen. As for ladies, I hope we can find the balance between staying feminine and enjoying being treated equally with men.

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