Some words about German food

Germany has a great variety of food, but when it comes to eating I prefer homemade meals. I did not try that many German recipes, because many of them look too meaty/oily/greasy to me. At least the traditional ones. Therefore, I am not an expert in German cuisine whatsoever.

Nevertheless, I obviously go to German supermarkets and get some German products. Here are some of my favorite things I like to buy in Germany:

  1. German bread

    Many Germans say that when they go abroad, they miss the variety of bread they have back at home. Certainly, there are many different things to try. Bakeries have different products available depending on the state. I liked Dampfnudel in the past, and I still do, but, unfortunately, I do not see the fresh ones in local bakeries. Of course, there is a choice of sweet buns, sandwiches, cakes and so on. The variety can be overwhelming for someone. Try to eat something new and see how you like it.

    Photo 07-03-16 13 50 27

  2. Schwäbische Spätzle 


    This dish is easy to cook at home too. Noodles are tasty, but you have to be careful about the calories. If you are looking for a vegetarian German dish, this is one of the best choices.

  3. Bierwurst Kugel

    Something you can easily find in a supermarket. The meat is tasty and the ingredients do not look artificial. It goes well with some bread as a snack
    Photo 26-02-16 07 36 24

  4. Nürnberger Rostbratwurst 

    Photo 27-02-16 06 27 06
    Surprisingly cheap and tasty product. Good choice for breakfast/brunch. There is a low-fat version of it too.

    If you are in a supermarket in Germany and you have doubts about what to buy, try the above mentioned products to get to know the taste of German food better.



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