Chicken in sour cream sauce


Chicken filet 600 g

Red bell pepper ½

Chicken seasoning

Ground cheese


For the Sauce

Sour cream 200g

Garlic 3 cloves


Ground pepper

How to cook

Wash chicken filet in cold water. Dry it

Slice half a pepper into stripes

Cut the surface of the chicken filet a bit (3-4 times, one side only). Spread the seasoning on the filet

Spread butter on a baking dish and place the chicken filet on it

Make the sauce. Crush garlic with a garlic press. Mix sour cream, crushed garlic, salt, and ground pepper

Insert bell pepper stripes into the chicken filet. Cover chicken filet with the sauce. Add ground cheese on top

Bake for 40 minutes (180 degrees Celsius)

The dish is ready! Enjoy!



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