Learn Chinese with the help of cartoons

Here is the list of Chinese cartoons I recommend to watch to improve your listening skills and get to know the culture more. As a foreigner, you might have never heard of them before, but they are loved by 80’s and 90’s kids. Perfect for the elementary/pre-intermediate/low intermediate levels (imho).


The cartoon is loosely based on the book 魔方大厦. The book consists of 26 chapters, but, unfortunately, the cartoon has 10 episodes only. The cartoon can be described as creepy, but entertaining, and funny. Some words of wisdom are said in every episode.

Who have not heard of Nasreddin?! Wonderful cartoon that follows Nasreddin’s adventures was created in China.


Both, children and adults, will find 阿凡提的故事 funny, and up-to-date.

邋遢大王 is another riveting cartoon for children. This is a story of a boy who did not like to shower. He could never imagine that he would be punished for that by getting into the Rat’s kingdom.


Here is one more story about animals. Little brave mouse does not want to be typical and to stay at home with his mom. He escapes home and experiences thrilling adventures.



Enjoy watching!


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