7 things to do in Wilhelma (Stuttgart Zoo and Botanical Garden)

Wilhelma is not only a zoo, but also a botanical garden. The best time to visit it is probably summer or late spring. During these seasons, you can see more animals staying outside and gaze at flower beds, trees, bushes, etc.

The zoo is located on a hilly area. It is advisable to wear comfortable shoes if you want to see all the exhibits.

It can be very crowded in Wilhelma. Be mentally prepared to spend some hours around parents with children, babies, and strollers.

Here are the 7 things you shall not miss:

  1. Try some ice cream
    Ice cream kiosks are all over the zoo. A walk around the garden is more pleasant with some German or Swiss ice cream cone.  Some of them are not that easy to find in your local supermarket in Germany.
  2. See the Water Lily Pond
    Do not miss the central area of the garden. In the heart of the zoo you will find the magnificent pond full of tropical water lilies and lotus flowers. Benches around the pond are perfect for couples. Even without the flowers the pond looks splendid, because of its surroundings.
  3.  Visit the Moorish villa
    The building in the Moorish style is quite different from the rest of the architecture you can see in Stuttgart nowadays. Red and yellow colors of the construction fit the atmosphere of the zoo. Take some good shots of the Moorish mosaics.
  4.  Watch penguins
    Penguins were the funniest animals I saw in Wilhelma. Visitors are allowed to watch penguins very closely. The animals are not afraid at all and very friendly. You can watch them playing and walking comically.
  5. Follow peacocks
    Peacocks are walking freely in the zoo. You can follow them, watch them eating, and hope they will open their tails close to the camera.Photo 26-03-16 16 00 43
  6. Visit the zoo shop
    If you are looking for a present or souvenir, you can buy them in the zoo shop easily. It is full of fluffy cute toys, pens, notebooks, fridge magnets, etc. Look at these two:
    Photo 26-03-16 15 21 21Photo 26-03-16 15 21 16
  7. Take pictures of Magnolia flowers
    In spring, you can see blooming Magnolia trees in many parts of the park. Blooming trees look fantastic and are ideal for taking pictures. Wilhelma is more than a zoo, and one can have a wonderful time without seeing the animals at all.https://www.instagram.com/p/BDiks2nlKpv/?taken-by=kindexpat

    Enjoy your visit!



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