Community and blogs I follow. Part 1

April is here and soon my blog is going to be one-year-old. I wish to thank all my followers who read my posts! Please check their profiles using my community tag and maybe you will find another interesting blog to follow!

Today I would like to mention some of the blogs I follow and recommend to read. For my community post #1 I picked up the blogs of other expats. If you blog is not on the list yet, it will appear there in my next post!

Expat blogs I follow (in alphabetical order):

An American expat in Germany who is writing not only about everyday life, but also about politics. She is not afraid to talk about some pitfalls that are connected with moving abroad. ‘Transition, excitement and probably a few tears’ is the description of her blog. I like her writing style very much.

A blog of a lovely Bangalorean who has recently moved to Germany. She has lots of wonderful pictures to share and writes about her experience in Germany and changes she is going through.

Are you thinking of moving to the UK? Laura’s blog can help you to adjust to the life there and understand what you shall expect. She gives plenty of useful tips and likes to talk about the languages!

The author of the blog has many useful pieces of advice to offer! She is an expat herself and an expert at dealing with expat depression, raising children abroad, and more.

Elena is writing about her current life in Helsinki, Finnish food, culture, and history! She shares wonderful pictures and makes you want to visit her new home country.

A blog of an expat in Germany. Here you can find out what it is like to work as a nurse in Germany, how to prepare for a German test, and to have fun. The posts are always full positive energy! Thank you!

A blog of an expat in Berlin (my favorite German city) who always has some fascinating news to share. She is writing a series of posts called ‘Wake Up’ about her adventures in Germany. Check out her Instagram account too!



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