10 signs you have stayed in Germany for too long

Here are the 10 signs you have stayed in Germany too long (from an expat perspective):

  1. Verb comes in the second position in your English sentences like ‘Yesterday realigned I the books along the edge of the shelf’ 

  2. When you write a sentence ‘I realigned the books along the edge of the shelf’ you ask yourself is that ‘I realigned, he/she/it realigned, we realigned…’? (as a non-native English speaker)

  3. You notice the ‘typical German’ mistakes in English and understand why a German person would rather ask ‘Have you prepared yourself for the interview?’ than ‘Have you prepared for the interview?’

  4. You usually have coins in your purse and are used to pay in cash 

  5. You are not surprised that your washing machine takes 3 hours to wash

  6. You expect buses and trains to be on time. When the bus is 1 minute late, it means it is LATE 

  7. You do not have a problem with the fact that supermarkets and shopping malls are closed on Sundays 

  8. You are not surprised when you see advertisement posters displaying women in their lingerie next to a kindergarten or when you hear about sex in a TV program you watch during breakfast

  9. Seeing a brothel on your way to a movie theater does not surprise you anymore. The fact that prostitution is legal seems to be normal 

  10.  You know that you have to bring your own towel to a gym (a gym often does not provide you one and there is no spray at the gym to ‘disinfect’ the equipment)

  11. Personally, I believe that no matter how long I stay in Germany I will not get used to the #5 and #7 and will complain about the inconvenience…


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