Things to do in Delhi

I visited Delhi in January and I was careless not to bring enough warm clothes with me. I experienced a winter of 10-15 degrees with no central heating inside a house. The owner of the hostel I stayed in explained to me that January and February are the coldest months in Delhi. During other months, the temperatures are high enough, so there is no reason to have a central heating system. Of course, winter in India is still much warmer than in many other places. I have no reason to complain, because winter without any snow is my favorite season after all. 🙂

Here are some things you shall see/do when you visit Delhi:

Take a subway

Subway was extremely clean and convenient to take. It is easy to get from one place to another by taking a subway and luckily to me, it was never too crowded during my stay in Delhi.

Photo 16-07-16 12 37 19

One of the subway stations. Picture is taking from a train.

Experience auto rickshaw/cycle rickshaw ride

Personally, I would recommend trying cycle rickshaw ride only if you travel alone.I believe it is too difficult for a cycle rickshaw to drive more than one person. I had an unforgettable rickshaw ride thanks to the stones and cows next to us on the road. I was sitting uncomfortably on the seat next to my mom, jumping and almost falling down when the rickshaw took sharp turns. One time of cycle rickshaw ride was more than I have ever wished.

Taking a rickshaw ride was our only option to get to the hostel from the nearest subway station, and despite the fact the drivers did not speak English, they understood my wish ‘Auto’. Auto rickshaw ride was pretty cool and convenient. Be aware of the scammers, though. Discuss the price beforehand.

Photo 16-07-16 12 35 12

Auto rickshaws passing by

Visit the Red Fort

Visiting the Red Fort was one of the highlights of my trip to India. The complex of the buildings is fascinating and attractive. Thanks to the wintertime the Red Fort was not too crowded and I could have a good look at its wonderful architecture. I suggest you to have the whole day free if you plan visiting the Red Fort, because walking around it might take you longer than you have expected. This is also a perfect spot for taking memorable pictures.

Photo 16-07-16 12 40 57

Photo 16-07-16 12 43 11

The Red Fort

 See the India Gate in New Delhi

The only thing I regret is that I could not visit the India Gate during my trip to Delhi. Unfortunately, that area was closed by the police due to some protests that took place around the time I was in Delhi. The India Gate is a great memorial that can be seen from very far away and has an interesting history behind.

See the Rashtrapati Bhavan in New Delhi

The Presidential Residence is a must-see place in New Delhi. Fountains, beautiful flowers, and topiary trees amazed me. Let’s not forget I was in Delhi in January! You do not see such an elaborate palace every day.

Photo 16-07-16 12 45 36

 The Presidential Residence in New Delhi

Take a car trip to the Taj Mahal

It was difficult for us to get train tickets to Agra, but, luckily, the hostel provided different tourist services. One of them was a car trip to Agra. We left early in the morning and came back to Delhi late at night. Visiting the Taj Mahal was the main reason I wanted to travel to India. It was a foggy winter day, yet the mausoleum looked absolutely fantastic. I find the story behind the creation of the Taj Mahal to be sad, but nothing, absolutely nothing can outdo the architectural beauty and the perfection of this building and the territory close by.


My trip to India was not luxurious, moreover, sometimes scary (when a rickshaw who did not speak any English and could not read took us to some random place, or when someone groped me on a street). Nevertheless, my childhood dream came true when I saw the Taj Mahal. What a magnificent place!

P.S. If you are a woman, I do not recommend you visiting Delhi alone. It can be a dangerous place.Visit Delhi with a group of friends or with your male partner.



One thought on “Things to do in Delhi

  1. This post reminded me of an amazing collection of short stories I read (and researched and let the author) called Cowboys and East Indians. If you like it you should check it out!! I have never considered traveling to India to be honest, but fellow travel bloggers like you are really inspiring me to. Your ps is so kind but also makes me a bit sad, but all I can do is try to be the best person I can be!

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