Top 8 things to do in Vienna

Vienna is a wonderful city for tourists with plenty of attractions. Here are some of my  quick suggestions what to see in Vienna based on my personal experience back from 2012.

Photo 02-08-16 19 09 26

 The Wiener Riesenrad

Take a ride on the Riesenrad

to feel the true spirit of Vienna. Before taking a ride you have an opportunity to learn some facts about the history of the Wiener Riesenrad thanks to a small museum at the entrance. 15 gondolas are super comfortable and perfect for those who are afraid of heights (due to their construction).

I took a ride on a winter day early in the morning and was thankful that the Wheel was not closed to the public even though only 2-3 other tourists were there.

Visit St. Stephen’s Cathedral

You cannot miss this city symbol. The Cathedral looks wonderful both inside and outside. The Cathedral is especially famous for its colorful roof. Make sure to have enough time on your hands to take pictures of the Cathedral!

Visit Schönbrunn Palace

of course! Who has not heard of this famous place?! I remember I had troubles to find the way to the Palace from the nearest subway station and asked some locals about the road. To my great surprised they did know either (obviously mostly tourists go there), but luckily they had GPS service on their phone. With some help, I could find my way. What an outstanding place! The park looks fantastic and the Palace interior view is breathtaking.

Photo 02-08-16 19 10 30

Visit Donauturm

It is the perfect place to enjoy the view of Vienna. This tower is the tallest structure in Austria (so far) and gives you a great opportunity to see the Danube.

Photo 02-08-16 19 12 03

View from the Donauturm

See the Hundertwasserhaus

Not only the building itself attracts the attention thanks to its colors, but also the area close by. There were many little shops with souvenirs and many spots for taking good pictures with the house in the background.

Photo 02-08-16 19 16 57

Visit the Madame Tussauds Museum

The museum will give you an unforgettable experience of spending the day around so many famous „figures“! I had a chance to seat at the same table with George Clooney, take a close-up shot of Audrey Hepburn, and, of course, see the gorgeous Sissi.

Go to restaurants

Try the delicious Austrian cuisine! There are plenty of cozy restaurants in Vienna with all sorts of dishes. Schnitzel is still the best dish to try in my opinion.

Photo 02-08-16 19 12 51

The Schnitzel I tried in this restaurant was very tender and tasty

Try famous desserts

I cannot believe I recommend it after challenging myself stop eating sweets… Anyway, pastry and cakes in Vienna not only look good, but also taste delicious!

Photo 02-08-16 19 15 13

Hotel Sacher is another spot that shall not be missed

If you want to save time and money, I recommend you to stay close to the main railway station. It is extremely easy to get to the city center by subway from there and there is a shuttle bus that brings you from the railway station to the airport.




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