6 things I like about Germany

It has been a while since I posted on my blog. Many things have happened… From now on, hopefully, I will be able to write regularly and tell you more about my life and personal experiences in Germany.

I have also noticed that I complain on my blog quite often (do not blame me, my current living situation is responsible for that:). So, today I would like to share my POSITIVE thoughts  ONLY about Germany:

I have stayed in Germany for a year and I would like to sum up the things I have got used to and the things I like in Germany very much. My experience can be very different from yours; Germany has so many Bundesländer, dialects, Wessi and Ossi, and so on. One German city might look similar to another, but people who live there have quite different social behavior and values.

Without further ado here we go:


The view from my balcony in Germany is wonderful and the local Botanical Garden is a beautiful place all year round. No wonder Germans like their Wanderungen. Especially the countryside in Germany looks super green and inviting for a walk.

Some cosmetics and vitamins

that I cannot easily buy in other countries. I managed to find some nice skin care products by trial and error. Good German products are definitely pricey, and I can only hope I will have enough money for getting them in the future. Vitamins from Germany worked very well for my hair and nails. Therefore, I consider them to be a useful present for my relatives and friends abroad.:)

Easy access to the library books

I am not a student, but I can go to a student library and read a book there easily. I can actually see what books a library has before registering at it. In my home country I had to get a library card first and only after that could I go inside a library.

Exotic fruits and Yakult in a supermarket

I use every opportunity to get fruits from a supermarket and from time to time I can get a chance to buy something completely new to me. Yellow plums or cactus pear, for instance. Also, I like the fact I can buy Yakult (a dairy product) in supermarkets in Germany.

Everything is nearby IF you have a car

I have really enjoyed those rare days when my husband could rent a car for our trips to other European cities. Driving to France, Chez Republic or even Spain? Not a problem if you have a car. Isn’t it nice to travel independently without being worried about a security check at an airport that takes forever?


I have got used to having 4 trash cans in my kitchen. It is pleasant to know that a local government takes a good care of the environment.


There are some other things I and my husband like here: his alcohol-free beer , fresh buns from a bakery on a Sunday morning, museums free of charge …but all those and many other things I have back home too. They are not that important for me to mention, but might be the reason why someone else likes Germany so much.

Have a good day everyone!

Bis bald! 🙂

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