Bitter life

I am currently back home. To tell you the truth, I am glad to be away from Germany for some time. I came home not to have some vacation. Due to my cheap private health insurance in Germany, it is much easier and cheaper for me to visit doctors back home. I do not recommend you having a private insurance in Germany. At least in my case, doctors love to prescribe me unnecessary procedures and additional check-ups (‘just in case’ as they say) which my insurance does not cover. You really have to say directly that you do not want some procedures. Additionally, some of the pills I could get without prescription back home I cannot get that easily in Germany. Not to mention about the price for the dental care that my insurance does not cover.

Why am I in such a situation? Well, because I am not a student and I am unemployed now in Germany. Being an unemployed homemaker in Germany is not fun, unless your spouse earns a lot; unless you choose the place you are living in yourself, hence, you like it and there are job opportunities for you. In my case, I came to another country to stay together with my beloved husband. I did not expect there are no job opportunities in my working field; I did not expect my life would actually become worse than before.

I can say proudly (?) that I studied German hard enough and managed to get C1 Goethe-Certificate after studying the language for 11 months. I met some new good friends and I feel better now understanding what is happening around me when I hear Germans speaking.

I am not happy in Germany though. My life back home was more stable and more exciting for many reasons. Not all expats can adapt easily I guess. Not all expats move to another country for better life. I am an example.

What choice do I have? Not much. Just to grit my teeth and live. Get a job that has nothing to do with my profession. I shall work for money and forget about my dream of combining joy and work.

Furthermore, I can only hope that things will be easier for my husband who works hard as a PhD student, but does not have a normal salary. He has no time studying German and does not plan staying in Germany.

Trying to make another country to be your sweet home for 2-3 years without enough money can be very difficult. I wish nobody to be in a situation where I am now. Hope you have moved to another country for excitement and better life!

P.S. My spirit is not so high at the moment, therefore I have been postponing new posts. Will try to be more productive, I promise. 🙂

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