Dental problems in Germany (my teeth did not like it here)

I have not found related articles online to confirm my “theory” of what has exactly happened to me, but I truly want to share my story as a warning to others.

I have never had any big dental problems. I do brush twice per day, floss, and use mouthwash. I noticed that I had started drinking more coffee after I moved to Germany, but I have never been addicted to it. I used to have a sweet tooth, but I have never had any big consequences. As the matter of fact, I have been eating fewer sweets in Germany than back at home. Maybe, I have eaten quite many German sweet buns though, out of my curiosity. 🙂

I am used to going to a dentist once per year for a regular check-up. That’s why I went to see a dentist in Germany even though I knew I had to pay all the expenses myself. My insurance does not cover any dental treatment.

I came to a dentist and the doctor suggested me to have an X-ray some time later, so that she could see how my teeth “look” like. She examined my mouth and said she had concerns about one tooth. Her words confirmed my worries, since I saw a black spot on my tooth in the bathroom mirror.

That 10-Minute doctor’s appointment cost me around 25 euro.

I called the doctor’s office again to make another appointment for the X-ray. This time the doctor I have seen before was having vacation. I came to talk to another doctor. She suggested me to have an X-ray that does not show the roots of my teeth, because that would be too expensive. She took two X-ray images that cost me 50 euro only. Sadly (sarcasm) the doctor could not see a thing in the X-ray images, so she suggested examining my mouth. “You have 5 cavities” she said. I was shocked. Never in my life did I have so many new cavities per year. The doctor said it would cost me around 150 euro to “fix” one cavity. The exact price would be calculated and sent to my address together with the bill. In the end, I got a letter where it was said that Voraussichtliche Gesamtkosten are 737 euro. Moreover, the teeth cleaning would cost 180 euro.

I was not happy at all. Wanting to save money I went to my home country where the dental care is at the same level as in Germany, but costs much less. Back at home the teeth cleaning cost me 16 euro. Additionally, I have paid around 45 euro per cavity.

Unfortunately, the condition of my teeth worsened rapidly last year. 😦 I have found out that the amount of fluoride in water in Germany is low and schoolchildren are prescribed taking fluoride supplements. I had no idea about that before.

I am not an expert and I cannot tell exactly what my body was missing after I moved to Germany. I have got 7 cavities after staying in Germany for a year (I checked my teeth before moving abroad and they were fine). What was the reason of the problem? Water, climate or vitamin deficiency? I cannot be sure.

My story’s moral is:

Read more information about the place you move to. Find out if there are any particular health problems that locals have due to the lack of some minerals, for example.

Find out about the health insurance policy.

Understand the differences between your motherland and your new home.

Bring enough medicine with you to make sure you have everything you cannot find abroad easily.

Prevent any possible health problems that can be connected with your relocation.

Stay healthy! 🙂


5 thoughts on “Dental problems in Germany (my teeth did not like it here)

  1. I actually had one teeth pulled recently and need to fix two more cavities and do the teeth cleaning. All this + X-Ray is free even with my cheap insurance as volunteer. And I’m very happy with experience in Germany:) In my home country we don’t have insurance, so when you go to doctor you never know how much that visit will cost. Going to dentist at home was nightmare, because I was always afraid how many cavities she will find and how much Money I will have to spend D:

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  2. Nice article.I too came across some strange happening’s with my teeth. We moved to Germany in April 2016.And now one teeth for which root canal treatment was done from India broke and another one got severe infection.And I also heard many of my colleagues in Germany who have come from India visiting dentists quite often. So this made me to search for any such things reported in Google .


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