Luckily, last October my husband and I could have some short vacation. We rented a car and went to France. We have decided to visit some towns in France rather than going to a big city. To my surprise, the French countryside did not disappoint me.

Here are some pictures of what I have seen in a wonderful town Langres:

We have stayed at the B&B Hotel not far away from Langres. French breakfast included a croissant (of course 🙂 ) and was very fulfilling! We were ready for a long walk along the defensive walls that surround Langres. It is easy just to follow this route and walk around the town for about 3 km.


We have not seen many people walking around on that rainy day, but we could not miss the curious cows in the fields close by.


My husband noticed that in France you see more cows “walking”around in comparison with the German countryside


The small architectural details in Langres were very noticeable. Take this door handle as an example:


I have not seen a door with a handle in the middle that often in any other places


Around the town you can find some information in both French and English that will tell you about the history of this small, but amazing place. By the way, a famous French philosopher Denis Diderot was born in Langres.


The view from the town’s defensive walls is beautiful all year round.



Especially for the elderly there is a convenient elevator by a parking lot. You do not need to climb the hill to get upstairs if you do not feel like doing it.


I was happy we visited the town in October and avoided crowds of tourists.


Old roofs looked especially romantic and reminded me of some medieval novels.




We have also seen a campsite just by one of the town’s attractions.

Langres charms you and makes you want to spend another day there walking around its enchanted streets.

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