3 best things about Dijon

Another magnificent place I could visit in France last month was Dijon. Dijon has plenty of tourist attractions, restaurants, and shopping malls. Here are some of my pictures and 3 best things about it:

The most recommended tourist attraction is The Owl’s Trail. Using a special app on your phone or a brochure from the local tourist office you can simply follow small cute signs on the road to tell you where to go if you want to see the best places of Dijon. Following the trail was spectacular. Once or twice we lost it, but it was always easy to find it again. You can have plenty of breaks on your way enjoying the local cuisine or having some quiet time in a park.



That’s how the Trail looks like



We were very pleased the quality/price ratio in a local restaurant right in the city center

Jardin Darcy is one of the places you visit while following The Owl’s Trail. The park looks lovely in the fall and the best part of it is the fountain. Perfect location for taking pictures, but it might be difficult to find a free spot to sit down.





Local bakeries have plenty of interesting bread and sweets to try. Everything looks very different from Germany, so we could not resist trying them. You do not need to go to a restaurant to get a nice meal (buns from bakery are very fulfilling).


If you are looking for a souvenir from Dijon, get an owl. Their figures are literally everywhere in Dijon.



Enjoy travelling!

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