What to be aware of in Germany

As soon as one moves to a new apartment in Germany, it is time to decide which Internet provider and electricity/gas supplier one is going to use. If you choose to use the same service companies that the previous tenant used, you might save yourself from the troubles. However, if you decide to go to for a new provider/supplier, be aware of some possible difficulties.

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Not that easy to get a medicine


So, in Germany (at least in some small cities) it is not that easy to buy a medicine on a Sunday night. I got sick the other day and found out that there was only one Apotheke open in the whole city. My husband had to look it up online and bike there. To my surprise, I saw that he had to pay some extra fee (2.50 EUR) for using the drugstore’s service on Sunday. I am not sure if the fee is always the same or not. My medicine cost 4.70 EUR, so the service fee was quite a lot to pay. Half a price! Lucky us the drugstore that was open that night was close by. Drugstores take turn in working on Sunday and being open 24 hours. You must check it online before going to buy a medicine. Better never get sick, especially on the weekend!