10 signs you have stayed in Germany for too long

Here are the 10 signs you have stayed in Germany too long (from an expat perspective):

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‘More clever’ than others in Germany

The other day I was shopping with a Japanese friend of mine. She wanted to buy some presents for her friends back in Japan. We were wondering around a store for a long time. While I was checking some face creams, she left me to have a look at body lotions. Some minutes later, she came to me and complained that an old lady (another customer) told her not to check lotion flavors by opening the bottle caps. My friend said she ignored the lady and pretended she did not hear her.

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In Germany only

I am taking a break from an actual posting today due to my sickness (it was a pretty tough week at the language school). I would like to share a funny link with you instead. A friend of mine sent it to me on Facebook the other day.

The article is called ’22 Things No One Does Better Than The Germans’. Let’s see if you agree with the list. My friend agreed with that completely. Personally, I find that Japanese cars, American supermarkets, Italian/French/ Russian Classical-era composers, and French/Portuguese baked goods are still better than Germans. 🙂

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3 things to be prepared for when going to a doctor in Germany

  1. Be prepared to wait. Of course, it all depends on a city and a hospital you go to. I have a private insurance in Germany and I have been to both, private medical offices and a local university hospital. As a rule, I call a doctor’s office to make an appointment. Usually, I am told that there is an appointment available in 2-4 weeks. Continue reading

Hard to find in Germany (especially for women)

My list of things that I am having troubles to find in Germany (or, at least, in the German city I live in) is probably more interesting for women than men. Mostly, I mention personal hygiene products about which some men do not even care. But if you are a man and want to find out what your expat gf/wife might miss in Germany here we go:

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Some words about German food

Germany has a great variety of food, but when it comes to eating I prefer homemade meals. I did not try that many German recipes, because many of them look too meaty/oily/greasy to me. At least the traditional ones. Therefore, I am not an expert in German cuisine whatsoever.

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Buddha im Garten

I have been to India and China, but I have never seen as many Buddha statues on random streets there as I see in my neighborhood in Germany. Having Buddha statue in a garden is not that rare. I have no idea where the fashion comes from, but I have seen people put up Buddha statues next to lion and dog ones. I find it strange. Perhaps, even a bit offending. I do not have German friends whom I can ask why is that so popular here. I can only guess, that people just buy what is available on the market. As you can see there are plenty of them on Amazon:

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