7 advantages of being a big city girl

There is a saying ‘you can take a girl out of a village, but you cannot take a village out of a girl’. I say you cannot take a city out of a girl either. There are many online articles that praise benefits of living in a small town. Some of the advantages are fresh air, low crime level, lower cost of living, less traffic jam, and friendly community.  My question is: is that true for every town? I can tell you for sure, unfortunately not. It happened to me that for about a year I have been living in a small (from my perspective) German town of about 88,000 inhabitants where the neighbours are not so friendly, drivers are angry, and crimes still appear.

I miss big city life.  I find there are certain advantages of living in almost any big city. Let me share them with you:

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Моя Захаровка (Казахстан)



Село Захаровка. Казахстан, Павлодарская обл., Железинский район

В интернете не так много сведений о с. Захаровка, которое расположено в Павлодарской обл., Железинского р-на в Казахстане. Оно и не удивительно, ведь это – совсем небольшое село, в котором, казалось бы, нет ничего примечательного. Но, случилось так, что для меня лично это село является не обычной, а очень даже важной точкой на карте. В этом селе в 1951 году родилась моя мама. В это село я почти каждое лето приезжала ребенком. С этим местом связаны мои лучшие воспоминания детства.

Воспоминания о жарком лете, солнце, степи и доме.

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Some notes on tea culture. China vs Russia vs Germany.


Being Russian, staying in Germany and having relatives in China I have noticed that there is a huge difference between those countries when it comes to tea culture.

Russian and Chinese tea culture is definitely bigger than German one.

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Things to do in Delhi

I visited Delhi in January and I was careless not to bring enough warm clothes with me. I experienced a winter of 10-15 degrees with no central heating inside a house. The owner of the hostel I stayed in explained to me that January and February are the coldest months in Delhi. During other months, the temperatures are high enough, so there is no reason to have a central heating system. Of course, winter in India is still much warmer than in many other places. I have no reason to complain, because winter without any snow is my favorite season after all. 🙂

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