Repost. An AMWF couple fights for juctice

Jocelyn and Jun are in a very difficult situation now. Idaho State University ‘abruptly dismissed Jun from the clinical psychology PhD program without any warning or remediation, alleging unsatisfactory progress.’

Jun worked hard on his PhD for 5 years. He earned his degree, he struggled to achieve his dream in the USA. He came all the way from a rural area in China to make his family to be proud of him and to help the society. Life was not easy for this family and ISU seriously damaged Jun’s future.

Please read the whole story here:

Idaho State University Ruined My Husband’s Future. Please Help Us Right This Injustice.

You can also find some newspaper articles about this case online if you google ‘Jun Yu vs. ISU’.

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About personal space

It happened to me again. Shopping in Germany became an unpleasant experience. As I was waiting in a checkout line this Monday, a woman came and joined the line after me. There are no shopping baskets in a local Kaufland, and I did not have a coin to unlock a shopping cart, so I carried my purchases in a plastic bag I held in my hand. As I shop with a plastic bag instead of a shopping trolley, very often, people behind me in a checkout line do not notice that I have like 5 kg in my hand and try to put their purchases before me as soon as we approach a conveyor belt.
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Hard to find in Germany (especially for women)

My list of things that I am having troubles to find in Germany (or, at least, in the German city I live in) is probably more interesting for women than men. Mostly, I mention personal hygiene products about which some men do not even care. But if you are a man and want to find out what your expat gf/wife might miss in Germany here we go:

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Some words about German food

Germany has a great variety of food, but when it comes to eating I prefer homemade meals. I did not try that many German recipes, because many of them look too meaty/oily/greasy to me. At least the traditional ones. Therefore, I am not an expert in German cuisine whatsoever.

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Tips on learning Chinese characters (Hanzi)

1. Set a schedule. Think of how much time per day you can dedicate to studying Chinese characters. Find the time for the review. For example, you want to study 5 Chinese characters per day. That means, you shall get enough free time for learning new characters, plus reviewing the ones you have already learned.

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Hello everyone!

I am currently in China and my access to the Internet is limited. This week the post schedule is going to be different due to my busy schedule and slow Internet connection (at the moment I am trying to transfer photos to my computer for 15 minutes already…). Please check my blog on Saturday and Sunday. I am eager to tell you about the Maxi Tour I took in Frankfurt Airport and many awesome things I saw and tried in China.

Looking forward to share my news with you!

Thank you.