Top 8 things to do in Prague


My trip to Prague lasted 2,5 days. Here some of the most memorable things I saw/did while I was there:

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Die Volkhochschule is quite an eye-opener

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I finally started my German language course. I chose die Volkhochschule because this organization existed for a while and I was sure that teachers there have lots of practice when it comes to working with foreigners. I did not realize that SO many students come to study there. Our class has 15-20 students (not everyone comes every day). That is a big number of students for studying a foreign language. Lucky us, our teacher is friendly and she can more or less keep everybody under control.

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Confused in a German supermarket

It seems to be a simple task to buy groceries. However, being new in a new environment makes it a bit complicated. The adventure starts at a supermarket’s entrance. Did you forget to bring 1 euro coin? Oh, no! Without it you cannot get a cart. What about baskets? Some supermarkets do not have them at all. On the other hand, smaller grocery stores have no carts. Sometimes, you meet nice people who let you have the cart they used, so you can avoid using a coin. If you see no ‘nice people’, be prepared to use your own plastic bag to put the groceries in, while walking around a supermarket or to carry everything in your hands.

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Apartment rental scam in Germany. Personal experience.


Some time ago, my husband rented a WG room for several months. At that point, he did not have any pieces of furniture, so he did not mind to rent a room that had some. He managed to get a room from a young German man, who was going abroad and was leaving his bed, sofa, wardrobe, desk, TV-set, TV stand, mirror, and curtains. The man (let me call him John here) mentioned he was looking for a responsible sublessee, because he did not want his furniture to be damaged. John planned to be away for some months and let my husband to use his furniture for his own convenience. Moving his furniture back and forth would be costly and time-consuming.

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