Futur I

Futur I is used when you make

  • a forecast (Vorhersage)/an assumption (Vermutung). Often with such words as probably wohl, wahrscheinlich and presumably vermutlich
  • a request/demand (Aufforderung)
  • a promise (Versprechen)

and when you talk about a plan (Plan)/an intention (Vorsatz)

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Du and Sie

Du oder Sie? For many of you, who come to Germany, this concept of duzen (using informal du) and siezen (using formal Sie) can be new. The other day, we had a discussion about die Anrede at school. Many of the students in our group come from China, Iran, Armenia, Spain, and so on. They can draw a parallel between the usage of these pronouns in German and their mother tongue. Basically, you shall use Sie when:

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Studying German is ‘fun’

Photo 09-10-15 10 00 35

Yesterday I had not only my very first working experience in Germany, but my very first time working at a cafe/bakery. It was quite a long day, that left me no inspiration for writing. Probably, I will write another post about that in the future, but today I want to talk about German language and the ‘fun’ you can have while studying it.

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