Learn Chinese with the help of cartoons

Here is the list of Chinese cartoons I recommend to watch to improve your listening skills and get to know the culture more. As a foreigner, you might have never heard of them before, but they are loved by 80’s and 90’s kids. Perfect for the elementary/pre-intermediate/low intermediate levels (imho).

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Tips on learning Chinese characters (Hanzi)

1. Set a schedule. Think of how much time per day you can dedicate to studying Chinese characters. Find the time for the review. For example, you want to study 5 Chinese characters per day. That means, you shall get enough free time for learning new characters, plus reviewing the ones you have already learned.

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Sorry in German and more

I hear a borrowed English word ‘sorry’ more often than any of its German equivalents. Somehow Germans like this word. The online Duden dictionary gives the definition of the word as: ‘freundschaftliche Höflichkeitsformel zur Entschuldigung’ and notices that German ‘sorry’ comes from English ‘sorry’ (who would have doubt about that?!). Duden dictionary remarks that ‘sorry’ belongs to colloquial speech. It is such a relief to know that! For some reasons, I feel that Germans do not treat ‘sorry’ the same way as native English speakers do.

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The most difficult part about learning German (for me, personally)

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Denken Sie, dass es deutsche Grammatik oder deutsche Dialekte sind? Nein!

German grammar is not as awful and difficult as it might seem. Many students in our group complain that they do not understand some grammar rules, but from what I see, I can tell they positively do not study enough. I am very satisfied with my current teacher (even though she is Dutch), but I do not expect that somehow all her knowledge will flow to my brain. 🙂

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