Moving on

My life has changed so much, that I have barely had any time to think of my blog. This August it has been three years since I came to Germany in 2015. Many various things happened to me here and my opinion about living abroad changed many times back and forth.

Today I just want to be thankful for the opportunity to stay abroad, to experience a new life in Tübingen for the whole three years. It is time for me to move away from this place. In the very beginning I hated this small town, but gradually learnt how to like it. I cannot say I am in love with it at present, but I definitely do not hate my life here anymore.

Finding friends and getting a job is without doubt the biggest help for a newcomer to get alone with the different environment. I am not leaving Europe, I am moving to a much bigger city now. I feel that it will be easier for me to go through all the changes and adjustments again, since it will be my second time. I am sad I am leaving my friends in Germany, I am scared of the fact that I have to start it all over again. Where can I meet new people? Will I find friends? Will I do all right at the language school? I surely hope so, and I am not eager to be back to square one.

My life has changed and I have more responsibilities now. I have no choice, but to go on with all the difficulties that relocation to a new country brings. Wish me luck. I am going to miss you, Tübingen! I could never think of saying such a sentence three years ago. Time is an amazing thing.

German habits I am not eager to pick up

I believe some of the things I will mention in this post are not necessary German, but more European and others are more Swabian, more local, and I might not observe them in many other German regions.

Here we go:

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Bitter life

I am currently back home. To tell you the truth, I am glad to be away from Germany for some time. I came home not to have some vacation. Due to my cheap private health insurance in Germany, it is much easier and cheaper for me to visit doctors back home. I do not recommend you having a private insurance in Germany. At least in my case, doctors love to prescribe me unnecessary procedures and additional check-ups (‘just in case’ as they say) which my insurance does not cover. You really have to say directly that you do not want some procedures. Additionally, some of the pills I could get without prescription back home I cannot get that easily in Germany. Not to mention about the price for the dental care that my insurance does not cover.

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6 things I like about Germany

It has been a while since I posted on my blog. Many things have happened… From now on, hopefully, I will be able to write regularly and tell you more about my life and personal experiences in Germany.

I have also noticed that I complain on my blog quite often (do not blame me, my current living situation is responsible for that:). So, today I would like to share my POSITIVE thoughts  ONLY about Germany:

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What the heck?!

A lot of aspects of my life have changed since I moved to Germany. To my surprise, I found out that several things that were easy to deal with back at home are not that simple here.

For example, turning on the electric heating system. In the past, I did not have to care much about such devices as furnace or built-in boiler controls, for instance. Thermostatic radiator control valve was the only tool I used to control the temperature in my room. Life was simple and easy.

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Die Volkhochschule is quite an eye-opener

Photo 08-09-15 14 58 22

I finally started my German language course. I chose die Volkhochschule because this organization existed for a while and I was sure that teachers there have lots of practice when it comes to working with foreigners. I did not realize that SO many students come to study there. Our class has 15-20 students (not everyone comes every day). That is a big number of students for studying a foreign language. Lucky us, our teacher is friendly and she can more or less keep everybody under control.

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How living in another country changes your habits

I have never liked talking to strangers. I found it a bit awkward and confusing. Back in my home country, I was always busy, in a hurry to get home or to do some assignments. Here, in Germany, things are different. I am lacking new friends here. I am confident that after I start attending a language school and find a job I will have more acquaintances. At the moment, I do not really have any German person to talk to.

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