7 things to do in Wilhelma (Stuttgart Zoo and Botanical Garden)

Wilhelma is not only a zoo, but also a botanical garden. The best time to visit it is probably summer or late spring. During these seasons, you can see more animals staying outside and gaze at flower beds, trees, bushes, etc.

The zoo is located on a hilly area. It is advisable to wear comfortable shoes if you want to see all the exhibits.

It can be very crowded in Wilhelma. Be mentally prepared to spend some hours around parents with children, babies, and strollers.

Here are the 7 things you shall not miss:

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What I like about the Philippines/Manila

On this Christmas Eve I would like to share my thoughts on a beautiful country where you can buy a Christmas tree in October when the average temperature is about 28 degrees Celsius. I had a chance to go to the Philippines in 2011. I have to thank my friend Edge for being a wonderful tour guide! Without his hospitality I would never seen so much of sightseeing within a short period of time.

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