Big cities vs. small cities

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Moving from a city with the population of about 5 million people to a city with the population of 86 thousand is quite a challenge. At the beginning, you enjoy the slow pace of life in a small city. You feel safer on the streets. You see fewer cars and people. You feel relaxed. However, later you notice that life in a small town is monotonous. Your options are extremely limited, especially if you do not have a car to get to a bigger city nearby. Not only your choices of entertainments during the weekends are limited. Your job options are limited. In the best scenario, as an expat with, let’s say, A2 German language level, you will be able to find an international company to work for (if the small city you live in has any international companies and they are looking for someone with your degree). You are lucky, if you can afford studying the language without simultaneously looking for a job. In this case, after you are done with the language school and have B2-C1 level, more job options will be open for you (more, but not as many as in a big city).

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